Hi, I’m Tenebræ

I'm Michele, an Italian Photographer, inviting you into Tenebræ (the darness) — where each photo is a timeless whisper, a serene pause from life's ceaseless flow

Welcome to a space where time blurs and light gently yields to shadow. In the realm of Tenebræ, photographs transcend the moment, offering glimpses into a world that is timeless — where the past may whisper just as clearly as the present.

Here, each frame is an anachronism, a piece of eternity captured in stillness. My images invite you to step out of the relentless current of time and into a quiet contemplation of life’s enduring essence.

Discover the quiet beauty that thrives in obscurity, the scenes that exist beyond the fourth dimension’s reach.

May your journey through these timeless vignettes leave you with a sense of serenity and wonder.